Effective Communication Strategies

The numbers of children, young people and adults presenting with symptoms of impaired psychological health are rapidly increasing. Symptoms include depression, excessive fear, anxiety, and worry.

I specialise in creating educational messages around psychological and emotional health. For almost twenty years, I have been developing and implementing communication strategies in the UK and Australia. This experience means I can help you deliver your internal and external communications with confidence.

More people are unable to cope with daily problems and activities than before. More people are withdrawing from friends and family. More people are having thoughts of suicide. Having access to the right resources can help these people develop coping strategies and bring relief to everyday living.


I can help your students, employees or client group understand their negative thoughts and feelings. I will help them learn how to positively address them.

Through written materials and workshops, I will support your efforts in delivering a psycho-educational programme. I will work collaboratively with you and your organisational team.

During my information sessions, I invite people to start thinking about how they look after their own mental health and of those close to them.

Contact me at louisa@butterflyaffect.net.au to organise a free one-hour information session.