Workshops for Adolescents

The only girl in companyThese workshops are designed to help your children navigate their relationships with themselves and others:-

12 point StreetSmart Workshops for Young People

Today it’s harder than ever to transition to adulthood. On the one hand, you can’t wait do your own thing away from the watchful eyes of your parents.

On the other hand, you’re not quite sure what “doing your own thing” actually looks like. It can sometimes feel like following the crowd. But what do you do when you feel like the crowd is getting up to stuff that you’re not comfortable with?

Life is full of so many new experiences – some of them seem quite appealing, some not-so-much. One thing’s for sure: everyone has an opinion as to what you should and shouldn’t do. Most of the time, you just want the chance to work it out for yourself without being judged.

StreetSmart workshops for young people are a series of informal learning groups. They’re designed to help you think about how you might deal with some common issues through discussion and the sharing of experiences.

Workshops are for groups of six or more. If you represent a group of teenagers, aged 13+, who are keen to pick up some new skills, contact me today.


12 point Parenting MasterClasses: Secondary School Kids 

Just as you thought you had the whole parenting thing worked out, your child enters adolescence. Does it feel like almost everything you learnt about how to communicate with your child has just gone out the window?

These parenting classes have been developed for parents of secondary school aged children who need a little additional help navigating the transitional path to adulthood. Classes are conducted in a relaxed and interactive environment and provide a place for you to share your concerns and experiences with other parents.

Workshops are for groups of six or more. Workshops are customised to specific concerns. So whether you represent a group of parents who want to pick up a new skill or you’re a solo parent who is interested in joining a group, contact me today.