Welcome to butterfly affect

To collaborate with individuals and groups to strengthen their interpersonal skills.

To teach evidence based processes to individuals and groups so that they create a fresh understanding of themselves and others.

People are like butterflies. First, with the right support, we can transform our way of being in the world in effective and long-lasting ways. Secondly, we can become aware of our automatic thoughts and actions. Therefore, we can change how we react to situations. When we understand why we behave in a certain way we can choose more positive responses. As a result, these responses can bring about a sense of inner calm and control, as well as influence how other people react and respond to us.

I strive at all times for positive outcomes. Whatever your goals, I will work collaboratively with you to achieve them.

Individual and Group Counselling & Psychotherapy
Community Education

Louisa Shillingford-Brown, psychotherapist @ butterfly affect

The essence of the ‘butterfly affect’

The butterfly has a place in belief systems all around the world. Amongst other things, it is universally seen as a symbol of hope, transformation and new beginnings. These are the things I bring to and strive to facilitate in my practice.

My use of ‘affect’ is two-fold. First, it refers to how taking action can make a positive difference. Secondly, I’ve adopted the psychological term for our basic emotions in order to highlight the core processes I work with. As the drivers behind our interpersonal skills, emotions are critical to our daily functioning. How we express them provide clues to the state of our mental health.

Eventually, transforming the way we respond to others can have a positive impact on how we feel about ourselves. It can make a difference to our relationships and our environment, consequently, creating a ‘butterfly affect’.

butterfly affect exists to assist you in leading positive change in your environment. Whatever that might mean for you. I am passionate about helping others make positive changes to their lives and would be honoured to be part of your personal journey.

Louisa Shillingford-Brown, BPscyh., MCouns.